Hi! I’m Em, and I write about faith deconstruction, religious trauma, and equity for women and LGBTQ+ in Christian spaces. Sometimes I write from personal experience, having been raised in the white evangelical church. Sometimes I turn to religion scholars and former pastors-turned-advocates for their expertise & insight. But I’m always making an effort to point white people to voices of color, indigenous voices and those in the LGBTQ+ community because it is my belief that if change is going to come to the evangelical church at large- they will be the ones to change it.

So if you’re here because you have found yourself in the wilderness of deconstruction, or because you’re still a believer within the evangelical church, my hope is that you’ll find the stories and topics on this website helpful.

I’d love to answer any questions you have, click on the contact page to send an email. You can also leave comments on individual posts- but comments containing hateful, racist, or bigoted language will be marked as spam and blocked.

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