What’s In My Bag: Road Trip Edition


In a couple of weeks we’re headed for Disneyland. It will be our almost 3 year old’s first time (he turns 3 a week after we go) and our first time as parents. Of course I’ve scoured the internet for all the best advice & tips on Disney with a toddler. It may be our first time with him to Disney, but its definitely NOT our first rodeo when it comes to long road trips with a baby/toddler in tow.

We live in Northern California, but all our close family lives in the southern half of the state. My little has been traveling in the car for holidays, birthdays and more since he was 3 months old. Needless to say three years into this parenting thing and we’ve learned a thing or two about what to bring along to SURVIVE.

First of all, I used to pack different categories of things in separate bags/totes to stay organized. But then we just got tired of loading and unloading ALL THE BAGS. So I got smart and purchased one large duffle bag that had a couple roomy side pockets.

You guys, this method is SO much easier. It has enough room to pack all his clothes, shoes, diapers, wipes, a couple of books, white noise machine, video monitor (for extended visits) and toiletries (hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, diaper cream, etc).

Now that he’s a little older, and his nana bought him a Paw Patrol rolling suitcase, he likes to help pack it himself and loves to wheel it to and from the car. So I’m back to packing his diapers, etc. (yeah he’s no where near ready for potty training yet…) in a separate tote. But trust me, when they’re a baby, the one big duffle bag is the way to go!

I still pack a regular diaper bag for the drive down and back. But I include extra of EVERYTHING- diapers, snacks, clothes (we’ve had leaky diapers in the carseat, even using a nighttime diaper!), books and toys. If we’re really on our A-game we charge a tablet and download some episodes of his favorite shows before we leave. He has some Paw Patrol headphones that help us not loose our minds listening to the Super Why theme song over and over.

I’ve also learned to make sure I leave a space, or easy to make a space; to change a diaper in the car. Public restrooms skeeve me out, they just do. And not to mention my little guy looses it if one of those hand dryers come on while we’re in there changing him… So in order to feel less gross and prevent a meltdown, the car is the way to go for us!

What things can you NOT live without on a road trip with littles? Share in the comments below!

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