DIY Front Door Wreath

I have major design envy. Mostly because so far in my adult married life I’ve only lived in rentals where my options can be limited. But there are projects that are easily removed or undone when you move out. And a wreath is a no-brainer. 

The pre-made wreaths in stores are beautiful, but why would I spend all that money when one trip to the craft store and 20-30 minutes can get me something that looks just as good, at a fraction of the cost? Basically, I’m cheap. But you do not have to be a creative genius to make your own. I am not an artist. In fact I am a very logical person, I like lists and spreadsheets. But I can also follow directions. And if you can follow directions, you can make just about anything yourself (obviously time, tools, and supplies could limit you…but details shmeetails).


You guys this wreath was SO EASY. I saw one similar in a pic on Pinterest (duh), went to the craft store, and made it. The only special “tool” I used was a pair of wire cutters. Also available at your local craft store if you don’t have any.

What to buy:

  1. Natural branch wreath (these are not expensive)
  2. Faux floral stems of your choice
  3. A wreath hanger (if you don’t already have one) OR an indoor/outdoor Command hook.
  4. Wide wired ribbon or burlap ribbon

When choosing your faux flowers/foliage use this method: think symmetrical. Start from the center, choosing one or several larger stems as your “centerpiece” then choosing smaller or linear pieces for the sides. Take a screenshot of your Pinterest inspiration on your phone so you can have it with you in the craft store while making your selections.

If you’re worried about not having enough, it doesn’t hurt to get extra “filler” (greenery, etc). Whatever you don’t use can be easily returned, as long as you haven’t trimmed it with your wire cutters. Or you can just keep it to use for another project.

Now if you’re feeling super crafty and have the time, you can also use a hot glue gun to help affix your faux flowers to your wreath. But I rarely take the time for this particular kind of wreath, I just take advantage of the branches by wrapping the wired stems through the branches to hold them in place.

This method take a little experimenting, but its not too difficult. Once you have them secure, hold up your wreath and give it a little jiggle to make sure its going to withstand your front door opening and closing. If you’re hanging indoors on a wall, you won’t have to be as concerned. However if it’s going on the front door, and you don’t have a covered front porch to protect your front door from the wind, you may want to bust out that glue gun.

IMG_5836Take your ribbon and eye-ball the length, making sure you have enough to tie a half-way decent bow (it doesn’t have to be perfect, this is why wired ribbon is our friend!). And then, ta-da! Hang it from your wreath hanger or Command hook, snap a pic and post that non-sense on Instagram to show the world even non-crafty folk can be crafty!    

2 thoughts on “DIY Front Door Wreath

  1. Aww, that turned out really cute!! I always fear that my projects won’t look as good as Pinterest, but I might actually be able to do this one! Thanks 🙂


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