Homeschooling a Preschooler

We’ve recently embarked on the journey of “homeschooling” my toddler. And I am totally making it up as I go. But I have found some great resources online and I’ll share them with you below.

Nothing would make my heart more happy then to send my 3 year old packing to preschool a couple times week this fall, however he has zero interest in potty training. ZERO. And unfortunately all of the budget friendly preschool options in our area do require he be potty trained. SO, homeschool it is. Because there is no way I can do another whole year of nothing but the park and days spent playing with toys that eventually make him mad when they won’t do what he thinks they should. *insert eye-roll here*

I consider us extremely blessed to live in a four bedroom house. As of now we only have one child, so one of our ‘extra’ rooms is a guest room and the other an office/craft/whatever room. My husband was nice enough to help me clear out some of the whatever room and I’ve turned half of it into a school room. Or as my kid calls it, the “cool room” (we’re working on our S sounds).

prekroomOKThere was great advice out there about finding classroom type items at the Dollar Tree, however our store was kind of a bust in the preschool-age department. But Target came to my rescue as it so often does, and we found some really great stuff. My son is just about to turn 3 and so far his favorite things are putting the new date on the calendar every day and playing with “purple goo” (the Elmer’s glue stick that’s purple until it dries…).

I decided to work on one letter of the alphabet each week, one number, one color, and one shape. I also planned out one ‘theme’ per week, using to find activities, crafts, games, and songs for said themes. My themes do NOT correspond to the letters or colors of the week, my brain just could not make that happen in the time allotted. But if they happen to coincide then hurrah!

I’ve included some pictures of the resources I’m using, and I’ll update this post as I find more stuff or find new ideas to share. I seriously didn’t think I could handle the homeschooling thing, but it’s actually been kind of fun. There are days when he just DOES. NOT. CARE. And thats ok with me. I’ve had to learn to let it be ok though, because the old me would be really frustrated that it’s not going perfectly according to plan every day. In the words of Elsa; let it go.


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