Instagram Feeds I’m Loving

I am a total Instagram junky. I love pretty posts, inspirational posts, funny posts. Love love love. I can’t help it. Below are a list of Insta accounts I’m loving in my feed lately…

@townandcountrymag I have never so much as picked up an issue of Town & Country Magazine but their Instagram is full of gorgeous places I’d much rather be than the face of the sun (Hi, it’s 100 degrees outside as I type this right now).

@uptownwithellybrown She feeds my inner fashionista all week long. Also, she’s a mom so she gets IT.

@brittsfavthings Talk about beautiful. She also just had twin baby girls and posts the most incredible photography of them. Also she’s total hair & makeup inspo for every day of my life (only in my mind guys, I’m currently wearing a messy bun and 2 day old mascara say what).

@houseofrose If you don’t follow Mandy you’re missing out. She’s a mama, marriage mentor, and refreshingly honest in all the best ways.

@mayavorderstrasse If you’re a mom and you want to laugh, follow her. That is all.

@sadchihuahua Maybe it’s because I used to be the proud human of a depressed chihuahua myself, maybe I just find animals with their own Instagram accounts really really entertaining. Either way, Bug the chihuahua will make your day, every day.

Who should I follow on Instagram?? Tell me in the comments 🙂

**I’m getting no kick back whatsoever from the accounts I recommended, I just share stuff I like.**

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