My Five Minute Face

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There are a few things I try, try, TRY to do every day when it comes to makeup, and more often than not, it’s whatever I can get done in five minutes!

Success in the morning starts with discipline the night before. At bare minimum, I take off my makeup using a makeup remover wipe (I use Neutrogena) and then rinse my face with water. That’s it. (I use a face scrub in the shower, lately its Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Skin Brightening Daily Scrub) If you use a moisturizer, thats great. Sometimes I do, depends on my level of laziness. 

In the morning I start with a CC cream. I use ITCosmetics Full Coverage Physical SPF 50 CC Cream. This makes quick work of the foundation step because I don’t have to use a moisturizer first. I then use a pressed powder all over (takes like 10 seconds), I like MAC Mineralize Skin Finish.

I take whatever is left on my foundation brush from the CC cream on my eyelids as primer. This is the totally lazy girl way. I know there are lots of great primers out there, but remember this is a five minute face we’re talking about here, not getting ready for the Emmy’s.

Go with one shade for your lid. I usually pick something shimmery in the nude family, probably from a Naked pallet. If I’ve got an extra 10 seconds I’ll quickly shade my crease with a darker shade. Quickly though, no messing around!

I always try to squeeze in time for eyeliner, because I hate how mascara looks smudgy on the lid without it. So make sure you have a go-to eye liner you’re comfortable using so you’re not spending a ton of time messing with it. For this task I like Lasting Line from BareMinerals in black. Its a twist up that you don’t have to sharpen and it cuts through shadow really well, which makes it easy to control.

Mascara, lip gloss, done! Choose a mascara that separates the lashes well without clumping, I use Roller Lash from Benefit for this reason. No need to curl or use an eyelash brush.

I keep Sugar Rose lip tint from Fresh in my purse all the time, so even if I can’t find lip gloss lying around I know I’m covered if I’m running out the door.

Maybe if I get brave enough I’ll add a video tutorial to this post later on, but for now I hope these tips are helpful. What’s your go-to five minute face look like?? Let me know in the comments.

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