Reinventing #momlife

This mama business is hard. Lets be real. It’s rewarding, but it’s also just hard. It’s even harder when we have a heap of expectations piled on top of us. I’m grateful that it only took me the first couple of years of my son’s life to figure out I didn’t have to live up to anyone else’s hype.

But I know there are plenty of moms out there still comparing themselves to everyone else. Anyone else. Because anyone’s gotta be doing a better job at this than I am, right?


We’re all just winging it. Most days I feel like the least “with it” person on the planet. Perfect example, yesterday a new potential babysitter came over for a second interview to meet my kid. The entire time she’s in the floor playing with him, he had the nastiest poopy diaper and stank to high heaven, which she laughingly mentioned. Seriously?? I didn’t even realize my kid stank before she got there?? All I can do is roll my eyes and shake my head. This is my life people.

But you you know what? It’s ok. It’s ok to be exasperated by it. And its ok that it happened in the first place. Which is a strange contrast. But that contrast that we live in called parenting. Sometimes I feel the generation before us rolls their eyes at us when we write about it, post about it, Instagram it; because back then it was just life and you either complained to your friends on the phone or in person. But I’m glad I live in a generation that logs on and quickly sees I AM NOT ALONE.

Most importantly, don’t put yourself in a mom box. If all you wanna be is a mom, if that’s all time allows for you in this season, I get it. Bless. But if you have other dreams, dreams of starting a business, starting a blog, going back to school; don’t let the business of motherhood hold you back. Don’t let someone else tell you what you can’t do.

Some days I’m totally jacked about starting this blog, and other days I feel like a hack and want to throw in the towel. But two months in and I haven’t given up yet, so that’s something right? 😉

Stay strong mamas, fight the good fight. You are free to be more.


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