Before you go drown in confusion creating lists and a baby registry, read this first:

I will never forget the day the day that pee stick said “Pregnant.” It was the one with the little digital read-out because I was so terrified of reading a plus sign incorrectly. When you’ve been waiting a long time (there others who waited waaaaaaaaay longer than I, and are still waiting, so my story is not unique or special) you’re a little afraid that anything can make it change its mind. Maybe you’re not pregnant at all, maybe you got that phone call, the one you’ve been waiting for; telling you there’s a baby waiting for you to adopt.

But what happens afterward is similar for a lot of women who’ve been planning; it’s go time. You finally get to plan that nursery. You get to pick out that crib. There are a million things running through mind, and when you walk in the doors of that retail store front; wether it be a big-box store with a wall of pacifiers to the ceiling, or a boutique jam packed with high-end baby furniture and gear, one thing is certain: It’s overwhelming.

Hey guess what? It doesn’t have to be. Luckily for you I once spent a couple years helping first time parents be prepared, not scared. Let me be your guide and make life a little simpler. I’ve laid out a few key points to keep you on track during what will be an exciting, albeit sometimes stressful season.

First, don’t stress about all the things.

Worst case scenario, you don’t get to do that big shopping trip, you don’t have a baby shower; all you need is diapers, wipes, some onesies, and place for them to sleep. Oh and probably a blanket, or two. Seriously, though. If the crib isn’t built, don’t worry about it. If you haven’t found that perfect dresser the ideal shade of grey to match the crib that isn’t built yet, don’t worry about it. What matters is that you and your baby are healthy and happy, and your baby will not care if their nursery looks like the inside of a Pottery Barn Kids catalog. (don’t get me wrong, a girl can dream, I still do)

Second, unless you’re shopping, stay off the internet.

My OB gave me this advice and it was probably the best advice anyone has ever given me about pregnancy. Get yourself a good book (I thought What to Expect was sort of lame and way too subjective but to each their own) and don’t sweat the small stuff. Mayo Clinic has great books that are informative, objective and written by actual doctors, so, that’s helpful.

Third, trust your instincts, not everyone else’s.

Advice is great (I mean, you’re reading this post aren’t you?) but don’t let it drown out your inner voice. You have instincts you didn’t know were there until there’s a bun in that oven (or you find out there’s a baby waiting to be adopted by you). And then once that baby’s in your arms, watch out Mama Bear you’re gonna be kicking a$$ and takin’ names. Don’t be like me and wait until your baby’s two months old before you realize you have a voice and its ok to use it. I remember how tired you are and how easy it is just listen to someone else’s idea of “good” or “right” and try to perform to their standards. But learn from my mistakes. Do what feels right to you, or you and your partner, tune out that other noise. Because its just that, noise.

If you’re still thinking about all the things and which things you need and when you’ll need them, I wrote an eBook for that. You can get your copy by clicking here to visit the CMR Shop! But it doesn’t stop there, I’d love to answer any and all your questions about this nutty adventure you’ve begun: so don’t be a stranger. Comment below or send an email and I’d be happy to help.

We’re all in this together, mama.

You’re pregnant, now what?

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