Why a home-keeping binder?

Technology is great. But for some things, paper is better. And having one place you can easily reference all the important information for your family is a great practice.

There are lots of different terms for it, home-keeping binder, home base binder, home binder system. I just call mine a home binder, because it holds everything related to our home (and vehicles), including our monthly budget. A binder like this is a huge help with all the adulting you have to do on a daily basis.

Here’s what I keep in my home binder that I find super useful:

Cleaning lists! I don’t always keep on top of it, because lets be real, life. But I like having a list to keep me on track. I find it much more fulfilling if I can check actual tasks off a list. I actually keep the list in the binder as a reference, but create shorter, checklists in my notes in my iPhone that I reuse over and over every week.

Meal Planning! There’s a tab in my home binder for the meal planning printables I use, including grocery lists and the running inventory on hand in my kitchen (which usually I update every 2 weeks or so).

Budgeting! I keep a bill pay budget spreadsheet in Pages for calculations but my master list of bills and due dates is on paper, in pencil, so that I can always reference it. I’m all about having back up for my back up. I also like to keep a list of paydays for the year and any other budget worksheets.

House & Vehicle Records! You guys, this is the part of adulting I hate the MOST. If I had a dollar for every time I had to look three different places for a license plate number (no, I do not have them memorized and you’re crazy if you can keep that in your head) or the DMV renewal form that came in the mail 2 months before it was due… Using a printable for this section of your binder is super helpful, because you can have all the important information at your finger tips.

Emergency Preparedness! An emergency plan for your family, including evacuation plan, a safe place you’ll meet, who you should call. Also I keep a stack of babysitter info sheets I can pull out and complete for whoever is watching my kid in our home with the appropriate info. This includes a medical release should there be an actual medical emergency when we are away from our child, and the phone number for poison control.

If you’d like to start building your own home binder, you can get these easy to use monthly budget printables to get started! Click here or scroll to the top of this page and click “Shop.”

The digital age may be here to stay, but pen & paper is sometimes just good for the soul.

4 thoughts on “Why a home-keeping binder?

  1. I love that you added how to use your homemaking binder for emergency preparedness. I have a whole binder dedicated to JUST emergency preparedness. It is really important though, I wish more people took time to plan this way.


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