10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me


Hello and Happy Thursday everyone! I’m going to start a new series on Thursdays this month; “10 Things_____(I’ll fill in the blank as we go!).” I thought I’d start with 10 things you may not know about me. Since I’m new-ish to blogging and a lot of my readers are new to me, it will be a nice way to get acquainted. Or you’ll just all realize what a weirdo I am. Ha!

  1. I have a *small* obsession with murder mysteries/detective novels. When I was pregnant with my son, I wasn’t working at the time. And I spent my down time reading ALL of John Sandford’s Prey series up until that point. Which I believe was something like 23 books. I said small obsession, right?
  2. I spent 7 years paying other peoples bills. Pre-marriage, pre-kids I had a career as a bookkeeper and tax preparer. I do genuinely enjoy a good spreadsheet and budgeting projects, which is why offer personal finance printables here on the blog (subscribe here to get the link).
  3. I once lived in El Paso, Texas for 6 months. No, I will not ever move back. Sorry.
  4. I’ve written in a lot of other capacities over the years; from blogs to freelance copywriting, Bible studies, small group book studies, to pieces on faith and church culture (you can check out some that are up still on my other site thelifeshewrote.com). It’s only been this year that I’ve fine-tuned my niche into what’s become Coffee, Mom, Repeat.
  5. Even though I was born and raised in California, my heart belongs in a much colder, mountainous climate. I dream of leaves that turn color in fall, white Christmas’s and true seasons. Ahhhh. Some day.
  6. My first college major was music. That makes me laugh out loud just typing it, but it’s true. I was a vocal performance major for a whole semester. Turns out music theory at 7am just wasn’t my jam.
  7. My first baby was a fur baby. In 2010 we adopted a dog named Blue. He is a chihuahua/dachshund/terrier mix (whom we lovingly referred to as our Chippinweenie) and he had a myriad of issues that we worked with him on. He came a long way in 5 years. But unfortunately the one issue he couldn’t over come was sibling rivalry. Once our son was crawling we knew Boo Diggity Dog (he had a lot of nick name’s ok?) needed to be an only dog in a child-free home. Where his diva ways would be unfettered and he could live out his days in peace, instead of being harassed by a toddler. He’s very happy now, he just turned 8 years old last month.
  8. I live for Dr. Pepper but only drink it occasionally at restaurants. (but its so close to my heart, so very close)
  9. Funny thing, my brother and I both share a love for the caffeinated beverage that is this site’s namesake; however, we never once had it in our house growing up. Our parents dislike coffee all together *GASP* but somehow we still grew up to love it. Our grandparents were coffee drinkers…so maybe it just skipped a generation?
  10. I’m an amateur genealogist. I’ve been on Ancestry for 12 years and have logged over 900 people on my family tree. I have enough informtation to apply for membership with the Daughters of the American Revolution, but unfortunately don’t have the time to participate during this season of life.

I hope this was as fun for you to read as it was for me to write! I’d love to get to know YOU in the comments. Anyone share some of my crazy life info shared above? Comment below and let me know! Always seeking fellow Dr. Pepper loving, music major drop outs.;)

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3 thoughts on “10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

  1. I am obsessed with watching “Hoarders” and “Extreme Couponing”..I love it when the houses become organized and am amazed how couponers can pay 85 cents for $800 worth of groceries…I wish I had the patience and mathematical brain to pull it off.

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