Friday Favorites: Brilliant Life Planner

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It’s officially February, did you make a New Year’s resolution to get more organized? I am aware that not everyone gets excited about fresh blank spiral bound pages waiting to be filled, but gosh I can’t help it. If you think you’re not a planner person, here’s the planner I’m using this year; and who else might love it too!

The Brilliant Life Planner by Beth Anne Schwamberger

Just, wow. I ordered this planner for 2018, but did not get to utilize it as much as I wanted, first of all because I had taken a step back from the blog being pregnant and then living the newborn life. But also because I didn’t take advantage of all it has to offer. So this year I am more than thrilled to be finally utilizing all of this planner’s incredible unique features.

If you’re a blogger, a business owner, Etsy shop owner, coach, have a direct sales business, lead a ministry, or anything in that ballpark; this planner will seriously change your life.

Because here’s the thing you guys, Beth Anne has thought of EVERYTHING. What makes this planner unique are several things: weekly reflection pages, weekly list pages, habit trackers (for you bullet journal nuts), project planning pages, goal planning worksheets, and PLENTY of lined and blank pages for notes and thoughts and ALL THE THINGS.

Also, lest we not forget, time-blocking weekly layout for every week of the year. Oh and one last awesome part- the weeks start on Monday…. and so do the MONTH pages!!!! This is epic. No more accidentally writing stuff down on the wrong day because you’re turning your pages (and your brain!) back and forth between a Sunday start and Monday start. Holla!! This is such a subtle difference from other planners, but it makes a huge impact on ease of use.

If you want to take the next steps to make YOUR life brilliant, click here.

I hope this has inspired you to tackle whatever is in your wildest dreams this year.

For more planning inspiration you can find my Plan With Me! board on Pinterest and follow me on Instagram- links on the right side of this page.

What will you plan for in 2019?

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