My Favorite Home Organization Tools

It’s that time of week again, hello Friday! Today I’m sharing my favorite ways to stay organized around the house. It should be noted that 60% of the time our house is a hot-freakin-mess. But the other 40% I feel pretty badass when we use what’s in my toolbox to keep it together. Sorta.

Cleaning Caddies

We happen to live in a two story house, and that means lots of trips up and down the stairs when I’m doing housework. Out laundry is upstairs, which is helpful. Until I need to wash dishtowels and then they sit in a pile on the bottom step until I’m walking up the stairs not carrying a baby AND notice they are even there. Ha! See, bloggers are real people too!

I finally got smart and made a little cleaning caddy to keep upstairs that has, wait for it… duplicates of all the cleaning supplies I keep under the kitchen sink! What?!?! Genius. It only took me like 2 years of living in this house to figure this out. But it saves me so much time. I even keep a small box of trash bags for clean sweeping bedrooms for clutter. (you know the clothing tags, receipts, used dryer sheets and all the other NONSENSE that ends up on dressers, night stands, and the floor?)

Anyway I highly recommend buying your cleaning supplies in bulk and making as many cleaning caddies as you need so you never have an excuse!

Family Command Center

Just search “command center” on Pinterest and you’ll be bombarded with beautiful images of neatly stacked shelves and binders and calendars. (Case in point this pin from The Turquoise Home) But it doesn’t have to be complicated. And you can probably find everything you need for one at your local Target or HomeGoods.

The key things we keep in our command center; mail supplies (stamps, envelopes, blank thank you cards, extra greeting cards, packing tape, etc.), important *current* mail (like bills to be paid or membership renewals you don’t want to forget about), basic stationary supplies (pens, pencils, a stapler, white out tape, scotch tape, scissors- up high if you have tiny humans with long arms.)

We also have room for a small desk, and small bookcase where I keep cookbooks and my address book (yep I’m old school and still use one of those!) and other misc things. Whatever you have space for, its helpful to keep a wall calendar too, just so have dates at a glance when you need them.

Shared Lists on Your Smart Phone

I cannot believe how many years I didn’t know about this. This organization method works best if you and your spouse or partner have the same OS (ie: both Apple or both Android users). But let me tell you, it’s life changing!

We are iPhone users and so we’ve been using shared Notes for a while now. Last fall when I got an Apple Watch we switched to creating shared lists in Reminders. (this is actually so cool, I can bring up the grocery list on my watch while shopping, without having to keep pulling my phone out of my diaper bag) I even organize my Reminders checklists by store: as shown here.

No matter what device you use them on, they are not only a great organizational tool; but a great communication tool. Seriously, shared lists has made my marriage better. That may sound crazy but truly our life is so much easier if we’re all on the same page. We make checklists for all kinds of things; weekend chores, packing lists, to-do lists before a trip or holiday we are hosting, grocery lists, shopping lists, gift lists. Obviously the possibilities are endless. If you can get your spouse on board with this idea, it will change your life too.

An organized life.

We all want to be more organized but sometimes we just need somewhere to start. I hope by sharing things that work for our family inspires you start your own journey of simplifying and organizing!

How do you stay organized at home? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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