The War on Sex

Is purity culture pushing us toward theocracy? In the nearly two years since I made the leap from blogger to podcaster, we’ve watched the conversation on purity culture continue to swirl on social media. There has been no shortage of material; between Rachel Joy Welcher’s book last year and the ongoing lawsuits involving the SBC’s … Continue reading The War on Sex

Let’s Talk About Sin

Last week mainstream evangelical magazine Christianity Today published a jaw-dropping article on their website detailing the egregious negligence of famed pastor & author John MacArthur. According to the article—which was sourced from dozens of survivors and chiefly one former elder and officer of the board at Grace Community Church where MacArthur is senior pastor—the church … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sin

Not Broken

Within evangelical Christianity, people aren’t good at holding opposite truths with tension. Everything exists within a binary, and anything outside or in between is a problem, and often willfully ignored. Usually labeled as sin or at the very least unimportant if the gray area makes the Christian feel too uncomfortable. I’ve been thinking about this … Continue reading Not Broken