Who’s Emily?

Hey there, I’m Emily, but friends and family call me Em. The short version is that I’m a Scorpio and Enneagram 8 with ADHD, so… my apologies ahead of time? But the more nuanced version would be…

I’m a blogger and podcaster talking about faith deconstruction and topics that affect people who left religious spaces. Currently I use my blog, podcast and social media to speak out about the harm caused by American white evangelical Christianity. Topics including but not limited to: purity culture, anti-LGBTQIA+ theology, clergy abuse, religious trauma, white supremacy, Christian Nationalism and more.

In order for America to defeat white supremacy & bigotry, we must first address white evangelicalism’s complicity in perpetuating these behaviors. The only way to accomplish that is by embracing pluralism, amplifying marginalized voices and listening to (and believing!) those of us who left white evangelicalism behind.

I spent 35 years inside Pentecostal and evangelical Christianity, trying desperately to fit a mold I was never meant to conform to. So one paragraph at a time, I will dismantle this white centered system of theological oppression even if it kills me. At the end of the day, if you believe in a divine power or not; the bottom line is, those that choose to stay in the church should not be made to feel less human because of who they love, what their gender, or the color of their skin. All of humanity is worthy of love and affirmation, equally.

And so, all are welcome in this space.

My life and beliefs have continued to evolve and so will this site.